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Content Strategy and Brand Writing

Connection and communication have always been my thing and I help folks do it easefully. You get more than 25 years of experience on your side and I get the best clients who are a joy to serve. Together we’ll articulate and amplify your message in a voice that feels natural and true to you.

Your strengths are doing good in the world. My strengths lie in creative direction, brand consistency and cohesion, big-picture strategizing, honest storytelling, and sometimes project wrangling if you say “pretty please” (project management is a superpower of mine but I only take it on with a few).

If you’re a nonprofit or a service-focused company looking to make a real connection with your right people, reach out now!


The Landscape

A website to inform a community and improve the quality of life for the friends, family, and neighbors in it. 

Omaha Gives!

Rallying an entire community to give big. 

Daphne’s talent in understanding our communication goals and translating through storytelling was outstanding.

— Kali Baker, Omaha Community Foundation

The fun, carefree style Daphne used was just what we were looking for to complement our content. Working with her was a pleasure.

— Mike Malone, Malone & Co.

She is not only creatively brilliant, but she really cares and is dedicated to helping her clients experience true success.

— Melissa Kopplin, Leadership Coach & Facilitator

Daphne is wonderful to work with. She is honest, candid, supportive, and great at helping you find out what is inside of you.

— Joe Gerstandt, Diversity & Inclusion Consultant

She gave us an outcome far beyond our expectations with our re-brand!

— Sarah Lance, Sari Bari

She immediately placed herself in the product and story line. I was amazed at how she began to articulate the product back to me.

— John Schomburg

Every time we work together I see instant results.

— Jessica McKay, Birdhouse Interiors

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Partial Client List

Celebrate Nonprofits

A script that celebrates all nonprofits. 


A humanizing video that explains a complicated chemical process. 

I Voted Today

A campaign to inspire folks to vote everywhere, every day. 

Metro Transit

A campaign to communicate responsive action and optimistic change.