Powered by the Omaha Community Foundation, The Landscape is a massive website that took two years to launch and will be an on-going gift to the Omaha community. OCF gathered the latest publicly available data along with hundreds of perspectives from local nonprofits, city and state governments, community organizers, advocates, citizens, and foundations, then our team compiled it into an approachable format to support public learning, advocacy, and action.


I led the Omaha Community Foundation in the naming process. We wanted to convey that this project would give a big picture view, a lay of the land. It’s a snapshot of how the area is doing today in six areas of community life.

Brand Strategy & Voice

OCF has a trio of brands that includes their more formal parent brand, the celebratory Omaha Gives! brand, and now The Landscape. I’ve been fortunate to work on all three brands, and we were careful to distinguish this one from the others. While Omaha Gives! is fun and lighthearted, The Landscape is fairly serious, purposeful, and civic-minded. We wanted to convey the weight and depth of its careful research.

Content Strategy & Copywriting

The challenge was to keep the integrity of the data, while making it easy for a general audience to comprehend. We also needed to be honest about local issues and problems (big ones, like systemic racism and such) without placing blame or burning bridges with those who serve and help.

Easy-to-read graphs and headlines make the content accessible and invite folks to dive into the deeper story and the data. Documentary style photography gives an unwavering, honest look at Omaha. Stories from community members create a human connection and put a face and voice to the numbers; we let the audio be a bit gritty to convey the realness of it all.

Audio Stories

I interviewed a number of people in the community who have been impacted by the issues, then created audio stories to share alongside the research. It grounds the numbers in humanity—and in reality. These stories touched on homelessness, unemployment, food scarcity, health insurance, housing, domestic violence, educational challenges, and more. You can read and listen to all the stories here.


To launch the website, we created a concept around the question: How do we add up? It’s an invitation to dig in, learn, and make your own informed decisions about where the community stands—then take action to raise the bar.

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My Role: Strategy & Writing
Justin Kemerling: Direction & Design
Adam Casey: Photography
Omaha Community Foundation: Strategy & Research & Project Management
Envision Technology Advisors: Website Planning & Development