TED-Ed is an online teaching tool that is a spinoff of the well-known TEDTalks. This free educational resource allows a deeper dive into a topic than a 20-minute TEDTalk provides.

I joined the Uphill Downhill team to produce a video that explains the complex scientific process of turning nitrogen in the air into ammonia. Our goal was to humanize a chemical process and to connect it to the reality of world hunger and environmental concerns.

We approached this piece as a “moving postcard,” pairing lush, slow-moving video with clean and current animated illustrations.

The video has had more than 200,000 views and answered nearly 2,500 questions from students. It also prompted a lively discussion, where students of all ages have been challenged to dig a little deeper to discover what they really think about a more controversial and complex topic. Success!

My Role: Producer 

Educator & Scriptwriter: Daniel Dulek

Motion: Uphill Downhill

Video: Colin Conces