One of my close partners, SecretPenguin, brought me on this project, and together we came up with a new tagline for PJ Morgan Real Estate:

With you for life.

We wanted to communicate PJ Morgan is ready and able to walk with their clients through all phases of life.


The copy throughout their new website is approachable, clever, and kind. Just like their company.


There’s a lighthearted tone that is meant to make people feel at ease, while still communicating their professionalism and expertise.


The client wanted to communicate that they are the professionals that you can trust for anything real estate related.

We’re with you to rent your first apartment, to search out your perfect home and when it’s time to move. We’re with you when you open up shop and when you want an office of your own. We’re with you to manage your investment property and to sell your business when it’s time to slow down. No matter what stage of life you’re in, P.J. Morgan Real Estate is here for you.

My Role: Brand Voice & Copywriting

Hiring Agency: SecretPenguin