My husband, Caleb Coppock, and I owned and operated a contemporary art gallery and co-working site in Omaha’s Midtown Crossing. We called it Peerless.

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We wanted to create a spot where everyone in the community was welcome to enjoy and engage the arts.


I was in charge of promotions—mostly through social media and our contacts with the press.

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People always showed up … and the art was always interesting and thoughtful.


Really good conversation flowed throughout the space about art, community, entrepreneurship, creativity, poetry, life. Sometimes it was guided and other times it was spontaneous and in-the-moment.

[vimeo][/vimeo] Quite often an idea for a project would be triggered, then it’d just happen overnight. (Nice one, Gerard and Caleb!)


Our visitors’ creative thinking seemed to expand when they walked into the space. I know mine did.


We hosted 12 shows and welcomed thousands of people through our doors in the year-and-a-half we were open (June 2011 – October 2012).


Our tagline was “collaborative art and creative action.” We tried to facilitate a collaborative experience for the artists. We usually provided a residency of sorts, giving them space, interaction, and helpers to create.


We also shared workspace with seven amazing independent creatives during our time in this space.


People still come up to us and tell us how special our gallery was to them.

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This project is one of my proudest accomplishments, not because of the money it made (because it didn’t!) or the impact it had on the community (though I’d like to think it did). It’s so special to me because of the beautiful relationships, memories, and learning experiences that came out of it. Thank you, Omaha.

My Role: Co-Founder, Gallerist, Community Builder, Promotions