Omaha Gives! is a 24-hour charitable challenge powered by the Omaha Community Foundation to benefit area nonprofits.

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OCF hired designer Justin Kemerling and me to build on the Omaha Gives! brand in its second year.

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In the months leading up to the giving day, we produced a large number of branded materials: mailers, email and social media communications, billboard, newspaper and radio ads, stickers and swag, and web assets.

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Through colorful, multi-sized, open and overlapping circles, we created a campaign that feels as interconnected as our community.

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We encourage donors to join together with their different social circles to raise the most funds for their favorite local charities.

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The 24-hour online giving day is all about community with a titch of friendly competition thrown in.

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The circles were a colorful and energetic visual representation of all of the different people who come together on one day to give on behalf of our community.

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Justin and I were given clear brand goals and a lot of creative freedom—the perfect circumstances for an exceptional outcome.

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This was a dreamy project: a great cause that benefits Omaha-area nonprofits and the people who use their services.

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More than $6.3 million was raised for 569 nonprofits by 18,176 people in just 24 hours during the 2014 giving day. That’s double the amount raised in 2013!

My Role: Campaign Strategy & Copywriting

Campaign Strategy & Graphic Design: Justin Kemerling Design Co