Omaha Community Foundation hired me to interview a number of their donors about their dreams for Omaha, and to write stories based on their response. Malone & Co. then created a series of videos that showcased those donors’ dreams on camera.

Mike Cassling Story

Read Mike Cassling’s full story here. Here’s an excerpt:

… When Mike speaks of his passion for education and the ways he’s been able to contribute to education in Omaha, his eyes light up again, “It just makes you feel good.” So while Mike is busy making Omaha better – through swimming lessons, through the arts, through education – we are proud to help. That just makes us feel good.

Amy and Stuart Chittenden Story

Read Stuart and Amy Chittenden’s full story here. Here’s an excerpt:

… The Chittendens are avid readers who believe the library and the lit fest can make a remarkable difference in a community, both culturally and socially. “I think about reading as an act of conscious dreaming,” Stuart says. He dreams of a future in Omaha where absolutely everyone – through the enriching experience of reading – can engage in a state of conscious dreaming.

“What a beautiful place to be! Can you imagine that?” Stuart asks. “I can,” he continues, “That’s what I want.” Conscious dreaming turned into effective charitable giving. Can you imagine that? We can!

Check out the other stories (Juro, White, Thompson, and Larson) here.

My Role: Donor Interviews, Content Strategy, Writing

Video: Malone & Co.