I did some high-level messaging for Nonprofit Association of the Midlands, which led to script consultation and writing for this animation. The project goal was to celebrate the often-unrecognized benefits that nonprofits bring to every community.


So, basically, we wanted to brag on all nonprofits.

We identified a unifying message that would appeal to any citizen who cares about their community. The story thread of the “white lines” is one that NAM frequently uses to illustrate how everyone uses the services of nonprofits every day.

Once the script was finalized, Uphill Downhill took it from there to create a beautiful animation. The piece was so successful that a number of other nonprofits wanted to make it their own. The animation was customized and licensed by nonprofit associations throughout the United States, and continues to inspire people all around the world.

My role: Script Consultant & Writer

Motion: Uphill Downhill