Metro Transit brought me on to create a campaign strategy that would promote the improvements they were making in their routes. They had spent several years researching and getting feedback from their customers and had adapted its routes to accommodate and attract more riders.

I concepted a campaign called Metro Forward, using the word “forward” in each slogan to communicate that Metro is moving forward in its service to our city and its riders. Then pulled a team together to implement it.

Nicole Brown produced the project. Her smooth communication kept us all on the same page and her brilliant strategy ensured that the purpose, timing, and placement of each touchpoint hit its intended mark. Justin Kemerling of JKDC created a beautifully simple design concept that could be handed off and implemented by Metro for the on-going campaign.


We created an inviting and optimistic message that used a little humor now and again, too. A series of billboards both print and electronic were placed along prominent bus routes. We also created branded bus shelters, bus wraps, flyers, swag, and radio ads, which were thoughtfully designed and placed by both audience and location.

This might be FORWARD, but can we take you out sometime? Our buses run here past midnight.


We wanted non-riders to begin to consider commuting by bus as a possibility for adding more enjoyment to their lives.

Do you look FORWARD to your commute? Our riders do.

Metro had incorporated three major improvements to their services: buses were running later at night, more weekend routes had been added, and buses were running more frequently along Metro’s most-used routes. We distilled these changes down to the essence, and included it in every touchpoint.

More Weekends / More Nights / More Often

As a companion to the broader Metro Forward campaign, we also did some messaging that would speak directly to current riders who depend on Metro for their transportation each day. Selected quotes from rider surveys were paired with phrases such as “Check.” “Yep.” and “Roger that.” We wanted to assure current riders that Metro had listened deeply and responded to their needs and requests. These messages were placed in prominent spots inside the bus and on shelters where riders would be sure to see them.


Finally, an internal facing message was created to thank the drivers for all the extra work they were taking on to implement the route changes. Each driver was given a Metro Forward hat with a gift tag that read:

You are an important part of driving FORWARD our new changes. Thank you for everything you do!


Metro has taken the ball and run with it. We’re seeing all kinds of new messages around town more than a year later, from billboards to bus wraps. And their website is often refreshed with new Metro Forward messages.

This makes me all warm inside because my Big Goal is always to empower my clients with the tools they need to speak up for themselves and share their ideas with the world.



My role: Creative Director & Copywriting

Producer: Nicole Brown

Design: Justin Kemerling of JKDC