Marcotte started as an insurance company many years ago and has expanded its operations to a number of consulting and professional services that include wealth management, safety and loss control, group benefits, retirement planning and human resource services. But some clients weren’t aware off how robust Marcotte’s offerings were.

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The company had been through a re-brand several years prior to working with me; they didn’t want or need to make any big brand changes, but they needed help with how to share their message. They needed some practical ways to express their company’s brand, and they especially wanted to show their clients why they are “Remarkably Different.”


I did a series of surveys and one-on-one interviews with employees from every division, and worked with the leadership team to identify two areas where Marcotte shines: Better People (these people really care. and they are super-duper experienced and smart, too) and Better Solutions (solutions that are truly built for the client, in want that really matter).

The industry is fairly formal, so we took a professional tone that assures the audience they know their stuff. We also had to work with compliance to ensure that all the language was on the up and up. No problem!

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I worked with several departments to create a number of digital and printed brochures and ads that could be used to present their company and its services. Our goal was that every client would know the full range of services that Marcotte offers—and that the Remarkably Different message came through loud and clear. To that end, each piece has an About Marcotte page that lists their ares of service and gives an overview of company and its commitments to its customers.

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For one of the pieces, Marcotte’s property & casualty division shared their unique full-service package that provides all the benefits of their robust services. It’s a very comprehensive package so we decided to portray it with icons and a simple visual that potential clients could easily be walked through verbally in one-on-one presentations.

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The materials intend to make a clear and professional introduction the company and open doors to conversations and help build new or expanded business with clients.

My Role: Strategy/Concepting, Employee Interviews, Writing

Design: Wheelhouse Collective