A campaign that inspires folks to vote every day with their dollars, clicks, and voice.


ActionBacked created a campaign to get people excited to vote. They hired Uphill Downhill to create a sweet animation for it—who then got me involved to write the script. 

This gorgeously designed video leans heavily on a thought-through message, well-timed on-screen text, and delicious sound design.


Since we decided not to use voiceover for this video, we had to make sure the pacing was perfect and that the message packed a punch with few words. Reading too much text while watching an inspiring video? No thank you!

I voted today

You voted today

On Election Day you participate in the process, throw in your two cents

But don’t forget you vote every day

With your dollars, clicks and choices.

You vote on little things

You vote on big things

So get excited!

Show people that you care.

Show people what you’re made of


Now grab your ID (Wait… What..? Voter fraud? That’s ridiculous),

Hit the polls

And let ‘em know you voted today.

Check out the full project here. Go ahead and share what you voted for today while you’re there!

My Role: Script consultation and copywriting

Hiring Agency: ActionBacked

Motion: Uphill Downhill