The Domestic Violence Council engaged me to do a communications audit and to rewrite some of their organizational statements after a strategic change.

The Domestic Violence Council is the only nonprofit organization in Douglas County, Nebraska that unites people, services, and systems to end intimate partner violence.

Through collective impact, public policy advocacy, community safety assessments, and a training institute for professionals, we work to ensure that every person who reaches out for help will find it.

I also wrote the copy for a one-page informational print piece:

We’ve all heard the statistics. 1 out of 4 women and 1 out of 7 men will experience intimate partner violence in their lifetime. Since 1996, the Domestic Violence Council (formerly the Domestic Violence Coordinating Council) has been working to reduce these numbers in our community.

The DVC staff is a team of systems change professionals who serve as the coordinating force among government agencies, the courts, service providers, and the private sector to achieve victim safety and offender accountability.

We believe that every person who reaches out for help should find it.

The truth is that no one is immune to intimate partner violence. It can happen to anyone of any gender, race, age, religion, sexual orientation, relationship status or socioeconomic background.

It could happen to you, me, your sister, co-worker, or best friend. We all need each other. We all can help.

My Role: Communications Audit, Brand Voice & Copywriting