Dicon is construction management company that prides itself on building projects to their customers specific and unique priorities—and on helping clients to get a great return on their investment. The company also stands behind its work and provides a pretty amazing warranty on everything they do.


Dicon engaged me to do a communications audit and write some brand documents for them: brand story, brand voice, values, company culture and promises. These are the kinds of things that the public (ahem, you) will not see—but they identify a company’s presence and personality; they guide a company’s action and communication.

I interviewed a number of customers and key employees to get honest feedback about the company and to uncover Dicon’s reputation, values, strengths and challenges. The values become promises that customers can expect from Dicon. As implemented over time, they become benchmarks for evaluating employees and the calling card of anyone who works for Dicon.


As a part of my Communications Audit, I recommended doing a photoshoot of ten key employees. We took a relaxed and personable approach to help convey their cultural values. I engaged Colin Conces as a photographer and together we decided on a location that Dicon had built; the beautiful interiors and great natural light created a warm, human touch.


My Role: Communications Audit, Employee & Customer Interviews, Creative Strategy

Photography: Colin Conces Photography