Writing Samples

Omaha Public Schools

4th grade history curriculum to teach often untold stories. 

Melissa Kopplin

This leadership coach & facilitator gets a site that feels just like her. 

Omaha Community Foundation

Stories that showcase charitable dreams for a city's future. 

National Demolition

A bold print campaign that catches the eye of busy business owners. 

PJ Morgan Real Estate

Appealing writing for a personable real estate group. 

I Voted Today

A campaign to inspire folks to vote everywhere, every day. 

Wheelhouse Collective

Brand writing for a mission-minded design firm. 

Flywheel Guest Blog

How I made my work-from-home space an inspiring place to be—and the lessons to be gleaned from the process. 


An insurance, consulting and professional services company identifies (and authentically shares) how they are different and why they matter. 

Habitat for Humanity

A celebrated organization gets a new voice with its website.