I Voted Today

A campaign to inspire folks to vote everywhere, every day. 

Wheelhouse Collective

Brand writing for a mission-minded design firm. 

Flywheel Guest Blog

How I made my work-from-home space an inspiring place to be—and the lessons to be gleaned from the process. 


An insurance, consulting and professional services company identifies (and authentically shares) how they are different and why they matter. 

Habitat for Humanity

A celebrated organization gets a new voice with its website. 


A humanizing video that explains a complicated chemical process. 

MTRL Design

Laser-cut stop motion raises funds for a laser-cutting company that wants to grow. 

The Encounter Magazine

I wrote this memorial for Omaha Magazine, in honor of a dear friend (and client), Wanda Ewing. 


Brand writing to guide a company's action and communication. 

Volano Solutions

Three case studies dig into the thought behind Volano's custom software solutions.