Welcome to my new website! This little spot of the web is a labor of love that has been a long time coming. Five years, in fact.

January marked my five year anniversary as a solopreneur. Five years ago I quit my job and didn’t get another one. Starting a business seemed like such an easy decision at the time. I didn’t realize how good and hard and fun and consuming it would be all at once. It took me a couple years to find my legs, then a couple more to really find my flow. I’ve learned and experienced so many things! To name just a few:

I found clarity
I figured out what was important to me and how I wanted to feel when I worked—and I let that knowing guide my business decisions. I became confident about what I do (and what I don’t). I got clear about who I wanted to work with, associate with, and promote.

I got real
I became very aware that my work is sacred to me. A few of you told me that it felt like therapy to work with me. You all said it with a smile of relief, so I’m pretty sure it was a compliment. I took it as a huge one because it means we got real. We touched on something that’s important to you—an understanding about your company, a word that describes your situation, or maybe a story that you need to share.

I shared my gift
I learned there were a lot of people who needed my help with words…that what comes easy to me is impossible for others to do. I learned that I love helping those people. I love digging in with them, to the work they’ve given their lives to—helping them to communicate clearly and authentically, making their message sing.

I feel grateful
If you’ve worked with me in the last five years, I want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I feel so lucky to have worked with so many great people, and to have helped you share your message with the world. It’s been an honor to be invited in to your work.

It took me five years to figure all of this out! And today I’m launching my brand and a new website. Big love and thanks to Cathy Solarana of Wheelhouse Collective for creating my beautiful brand, to Cody Peterson for building the website, to Hooton Images and Colin Conces for lending your photography skills. You all made my project sing. I know what that feels like now. Thank you.

This year
I’m working on several projects as 2015 begins:

I plan to keep doing amazing things like this, with incredible people like you. So if your business or organization has writing or content strategy needs, please let me know. Your message matters and I’m here to help.

Happy, happy, happy 2015!